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My fellow Floridians of the 14th district, My name is Nathaniel Snyder, I am running for Congress to be your advocate and champion the values that embody the blue-collar spirit of our community. As a single father of three, including an autistic son, I intimately understand the challenges facing working families and those with special-needs children.

I will prioritize school choice and enhance transportation options to empower parents and students. By increasing the availability of charter schools and providing financial assistance for homeschoolers, we will ensure every child has access to a quality education that meets their unique needs.

I will relentlessly address the homeowners insurance crisis by combating fraud, strengthening building codes, and providing financial support to homeowners affected by soaring costs.

We will honor our veterans by advocating for doctor and prescription choice, and we will provide an allowance to cover these expenses to ensure they are no longer burdened by a broken system.

I will fiercely defend our National Guard and ensure they remain under Florida's leadership.

To drive down the cost of living, we will foster a stronger private sector and eliminate federal government overreach that enables monopolies to control prices. We will pursue energy independence through nuclear energy, providing cleaner, safer, and more affordable energy for our homes and businesses.

As your representative, I pledge to serve with integrity, putting the interests of our community above my own. I promise not to engage in stock trading or any enrichment of myself. I will enter Washington D.C. as a blue-collar worker, and I will leave as a blue-collar worker. Together, we will Bring America Home.
I am Nathaniel Snyder, and I am running for Congress in Florida's 14th district. I am not a politician; I am a fighter. And I will fight for you.





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